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Woody: If I remember correctly, the first part actually ran in the paper. The second part was drawn and ready, but I didn't paste it up until July, 2003. Most of the art is done individually on squares of paper and then pasted up later to allow for mistakes or changes in the panel layout. This strip is just about as sick as Albert Fish himself. We tried to inject humor into this grim subject matter. I find it interesting that Albert is not well known, even to true crime enthusiasts. Another note of interest, "Seduction of the Innocent" is not about the murder of young children. It is about the link between juvenile delinquency and comic books. It was influential enough to cause a senate investigation and put an end to comic books as art for a number of years. The letter behind Sniffles holding the razors is an actual letter from Albert Fish to his victim's parents.

Kelly: The idea to use Sniffles came after we had finished the first part. We were trying to think of something to make the second strip visually different from the first.


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