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Woody: We did this strip very quickly using stamps and sloppy art as a final fuck off to the Flambeau. The editor (Lauren, I think) thought everything we did was sexist or more specifically misogynist. The experimental nature of the strip didn't lend itself to political correctness. We threw this together to take to the Flambeau to make a deadline. The idea was to offend them, so they would reject the strip and we could quit. The original still has the word, "NO!", written in pen in the bottom corner. I think we had more fun doing this one than anyone would have reading it. It is loosely based on a true story.

Kelly: Inspired by a stamp Woody found in a box of Cocoa Pebbles, this was never published, though we gave it to the Flambeau. I always sort of hoped someone at the paper might accidentally put this in one day, needing to fill some columns and not bothering to read it. Downtown Sam's features were based on those of Clarence Thomas.


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