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Woody: One of the early strips where we are just getting a feel for what we wanted to do. This still holds up fairly well and has some art snobbery humor. This works on many levels if you think about it. This one reminds me of college. Loosely based on a true story. I was there. I saw it happen!

Kelly: I think this was the first strip, and we were still working things out. (Wait, Woody has informed me it is the second strip. He sent me a copy of the first one, and it pretty much sucked. We deny its existence. There was no first Is This Tomorrow? comic.) It's sort of a weird take on a story Woody told me about a party at our friend Mike's house. I like the collage effect, as well as the visual jokes concerning art. At the time, I considered Nagel, who was very popular with the frat set in our college town, to be an unfortunate triumph of style over substance.


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