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Woody: Some people thought we did this strip just to be blasphemous. Not true! O.K., partly true. The idea was that comics are everywhere and they have been used to tell stories for ages. That was the concept, that this is a comic book. This is a sequential narrative. The strangest thing was that the Flambeau ran it! No calls, no complaints. They just ran it. I was surprised when I saw it in the paper. It really was a statement on many levels, but mostly that comics are art and they don't devalue the subject they address.

Kelly: I can't remember which one of us found this, but I do remember looking this sequence of pictures in a book and sort of going, "Whoa! This is a comic!" It fit very well with our ideas about the comics medium during that time. More of a statement than entertainment, I'm afraid, though I still think it stands as a conceptual piece.


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